Adoption Wellness Welcomes You...


Adoption Wellness is a place for adoptive families to connect with resources, therapy, education and support. We provide expertise from pre-adoption to post-adoption.

Adoption Wellness is about encouraging adoptive parents who are experiencing new and challenging experiences related to adoption.

Adoption Wellness is about supporting adopted individuals throughout their lifespan.

Adoption Wellness is about educating our community with ways to support the adopted person and their families.

Adoption Wellness is about informing pre-adoptive parents of the unique joys and challenges of adoption.

Adoption Wellness serves the community with quality mental health services by trusted and established professionals. We are trauma-informed, adoption competent clinicians with a vision for hope and healing. Our focus includes attachment, trauma, and identity exploration. We provide therapeutic services for individuals and families with respect to all diversity.

“In Adoption, we need to acknowledge the histories of the adults and children involved before we can move forward in a unified celebration. Love is a good start, but isn’t always enough.” ~ Jaclyn Skalnik, LCSW